What gray is that?

5 Shades of Gray

What gray is that?

What gray is that?

It’s a question we get asked almost daily. As home renovators, gray shows up a lot in the homes we makeover. Whether we are choosing the paint color or leaving it up to a social media vote, gray is the color we just can’t get away from.

But that doesn’t mean that all the spaces we create look the same. With endless tones, undertones, and shades, gray is highly versatile.

Why does gray paint continue to be so popular?THTSMBgray palettes

Deep charcoal on an accent wall creates a dramatic feel. Soft gray makes a room feel open and elegant. Gray is wildly sought after because it is both chic and neutral, which means it matches just about anything, and with a wide range of undertones, you can find a shade to fit your exact style.

Cool gray colors often have a blue or green undertone and create a soothing, calm atmosphere. Warm grays, on the other hand, have undertones of brown, tan, or beige. These “greige” colors help to brighten up a room.

We love how gray looks on walls, furniture, and even siding on the exterior of a home. Gray can be the accent color or set a neutral tone in any room. Since we can’t pick just one, we go through five of our favorite gray paint colors below.


Sherwin Williams Peppercorn


You voted for Peppercorn as the color for the island in the Hope House, and we love it as much as you do! This darker gray from Sherwin Williams makes the island stand out from the white cabinets of the kitchen, and pairs well with the wide beam wood floors, accomplishing a rustic style kitchen.

Harbor Gray

Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray

Benjamin Moore’s palette of grays never disappoints. This Harbor Gray really makes us feel like we are at the harbor on a calm day, which is why we had to use it on the walls in the living space of The Clamdigger – walking distance to the shore. Because the living room has a lot of natural light, this cool gray with blue undertones works well. Pairing it with neutral furniture and pops of color make this space relaxing and serene. 

Gray (2121-10)

Benjamin Moore Gray

Gray (2121-10) from Benjamin Moore adds depth to this modern bathroom in one of our “Beyond the House” homes. Pairing one darker wall with bright white tile, black hardware, and gold detailing makes this bathroom stand out.

Galveston Gray

Benjamin Moore Galvestine Gray

In the living room of the MAD House, we chose Galveston Gray from Benjamin Moore to give the fireplace a much-needed facelift. The soft Galveston Gray sets the tone for a comfortable and attractive space when paired with ivory tones and a splash of pink and purple.

Revere Pewter

THTSMB Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore is ideal for this open floor plan. The warm undertones keep the entire first level of the home inviting and bright. This neutral shade allows you to play with different colors in each room while keeping a unifying look.

Choosing Your Gray

When you are choosing your gray, consider the undertones of the flooring, furniture, and cabinets in the room. Also determine if you want a darker, bold gray as a statement piece or accent wall, or if you want a softer shade to tie multiple rooms together. We suggest getting paint samples to see how the color looks in your home, as lighting can change the look of any paint color. 


We want to know, what’s your favorite gray?

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