What type of first impression does your home make?

What type of first impression does your home make?

The front entrance. Often overlooked or under appreciated, the entrance sets the tone for your entire home. Think of your entryway as a first impression. What do you want guests to feel as they walk through the front door? What do you want to see after coming home from a long day?

Whether you have a large foyer, a narrow hallway, or the front door opens directly into a living space, you can achieve the look you want.

Here are five first impressions you can make with your front entrance.

Simplesimple entrance

Simple design can take on many different moods. To create an elegant feel, a chandelier paired with neutral colors adds an element of grace.  An all-white entrance with a small pop of color sets guests up for a minimalist home. For a small entryway, a few floating shelves, a single chair, and a plant separate the entrance from the living room without taking up too much space.

Boldbold entrance

Color and patterns scream bold! A small entryway is a perfect place to incorporate color without committing to an entire room. Try out a bright wall, patterned floor, or colorful decor for a bold entrance. Using a variety of colors can make a space too busy, so be thoughtful when deciding how many colors you are using.


rustic entrance

With exposed wood beams, wood trim, and beautiful hardwood floors, this foyer sets the tone for a rustic home. The dark ceiling provides a sense of calm, while the floor to ceiling windows flood the entry with natural light. Don’t have this much space? No worries. Add in elements of wood with a small table or bench and pair with earthy tones for a rustic entry.



Stark white walls, bold art, and blending metal with wood gives this entryway a modern feel. The drop-down lighting over the staircase ensures the whole space is lit up. Add a modern element to your entrance by mixing shapes. It was done here with straight lines on the banister, rectangular frames, and round lighting.


traditional entrance

When renovating a beautiful colonial in Connecticut, we opted for a traditional and timeless front entrance. The black and white flooring, paired with neutral walls and a dark stain on the banister helped us achieve that look.

In some houses, like the Mad House, the stairs are right in front of you as you open the front door. Our solution? Make the stairs into a statement! The gray and white checkered backsplash on the stairs make them stand out without being over-the-top.

grand foyer

And while most of us will never have a double staircase, we couldn’t help but add in this traditional grand entrance. The bold rug and intricate details give us the impression that the rest of the home is striking.

An entrance does not need to be overdone to be inviting. Being thoughtful with your color palette and adding one to three pieces of decor will achieve the look you desire in a small space. For larger entrances, you have more room to add in statement pieces or storage options.

What type of first impression are you making in your home?

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