What is The House that Social Media Built?

What is The House that Social Media Built?

The Idea

It started out as an idea. Realtor Nicole White and Contractor Mike Ricco had been working together on flipping houses and putting them on the market. When Nicole wanted to start engaging more people in the process, the idea came: incorporate social media.

As Mike and his team were flipping a home, Nicole posted options on her personal Facebook page. Within a few weeks, so many votes were pouring in, a new page had to be built: The House that Social Media Built. And the votes kept coming in.

Since so many people were actively engaged in the entire process, Nicole and Mike knew an ordinary open house wouldn’t suffice. They threw a Reveal Party, opening up the home for all to see with entertainment, food, and drinks.


Your Votes

Since its first home, The House that Social Media Built has continued to grow and evolve, but the purpose remains the same: allow social media users to vote on what they want. While a home is being renovated, followers can sign in every Monday to cast a vote on a new aspect of the home. Votes range from choice of front door color, bathtub, fire pit, door knobs, tile, and more. Followers get three choices, and the one with the most votes gets installed. Throughout the process, Nicole and Mike keep you updated on Facebook and Instagram.


Partnerships, Press, and Sponsors

Of course, the reason for doing this is to renovate a home worthy of attention. By choosing products of the best quality, and partnering with incredible sponsors, Mike and Nicole ensure each home they rebuild is timeless and full of luxury amenities.

From the beginning, The House that Social Media Built has captivated audiences, garnering media attention over the years. NBC Connecticut, CNN, and the Hartford Courant have all featured THTSMB, among others. During the flip of the Ellsworth House, Fox61 followed along throughout the entire process and created a special on The House that Social Media Built.



The best part of THTSMB is that Nicole and Mike take it one step further with a Reveal Party once the home is completed. From social media to the real world, people are invited to come see the renovated home and mingle with other voters. A voter could even be the new owner of the home as it gets listed.

Through online votes, partnering with vendors, and hosting Reveal Parties, The House that Social Media Built is able to accomplish a rare thing in the social media world – they bring people together as a community.

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