Toys in the Kitchen: Appliances you Need to Know About

Toys in the Kitchen: Appliances you Need to Know About

Kitchens remain at the forefront for renovations. Not only are kitchens the focal point of the main living space, but they can also add the most value when selling your home. When designing a kitchen, we always start with the basics: a functional layout, beautiful kitchen cabinets with optimal storage, and an incredible multi-purpose island. We follow that up by getting into the specifics of appliances and design elements.

And then there are the kitchen toys. You know what we are talking about – the incredible appliances that aren’t necessarily a must-have (like an oven), but will take your kitchen to the next level. Thanks to technology that is always advancing and more people with a desire for a gourmet kitchen, these toys are becoming more mainstream.

We are thrilled that the kitchen at The Fish Flip House will incorporate Fisher & Paykel appliances from Connecticut Appliance & Fireplace Distributors (CAFD). As we walked around CAFD, we couldn’t help but notice the incredible toys available for the kitchen. Here are five kitchen appliances you may want to consider for your next renovation:

Built-in Coffee Maker

Fisher & Paykel Coffee Maker and Warming Drawer

We’re not talking Keurigs here. We are talking about waking in the morning and enjoying your perfect morning beverage without having to go to a specialty coffee shop. This Fisher & Paykel coffee maker has 13 different options from Americano to Macchiato. Self-cleaning, programmable, and compact, this built-in is ideal for all coffee lovers.

Steam Oven

Fisher & Paykel Steam Oven

Steam ovens look like a compact oven, and provide you with a new healthy cooking method. Different oven modes allow you to choose how you want to cook your food, including steam, broil, or fan.

“Steam ovens are very popular now,” said Kathy Dudzic of CAFD. “They are much smaller in size than a regular oven. They provide constant moisture without the need to use oils – they are much faster and juicier, so (the food) doesn’t dry out.”

Warming Drawer


Fisher & Paykel Warming Drawer

Warming drawers are another convenience in the modern kitchen. Sleek and inset, warming drawers keep your dishes warm while you are finishing cooking. These are becoming more popular in kitchens because they don’t take up a lot of space and add a nice touch when preparing meals.

Refrigerator Drawers

Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer

At first, refrigerator drawers may sound like they are not needed – you do have an entire fridge you can use! But depending on the style you get, refrigerator drawers can serve multiple purposes. These can be used as an additional freezer or fridge space, and when placed in an optimal area in the kitchen can be extremely convenient. You can also get a model that allows you to choose modes for wine cooler or pantry – giving you the perfect place to store wine, fruit, or bread.

Double Drawer Dishwasher

Double DishDrawer at The Ellsworth House

Kathy told us Fisher & Paykel’s most popular appliance is it’s Double DishDrawer Dishwasher.

“You can run two cycles at the same time,” Kathy explained. This allows you to run a heavy cycle for pots and pans on the bottom and a lighter cycle for cups and utensils on the top. “It’s exclusive to their brand, no one else does this. People come back for this dishwasher,” she said.


Which of these appliances would be in your dream kitchen renovation? Don’t forget to vote the appliance you want in The Fish Flip House – the winner will be revealed Live on Facebook tomorrow!

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