The Friendly Market: The History of House 7

The Friendly Market: The History of House 7

At 329 Boston Street in Guilford, CT, a faded sign hidden by brush reads “Friendly Market.” The yard is overgrown and filled with debris, and the dilapidated interior feels lonely and abandoned.

And yet, as we walked through this property for the first time, we could sense the energy this place used to have. The industrial sink on the first floor for gutting and cleaning fish. Chairs and tables strewn about for customers waiting for their order. A family-run fish market in a shoreline town. And upstairs, an entire living space for the owners when work was complete for the day.

Built in 1947, the Friendly Market was a fish market in downtown Guilford, where people could pick up fresh seafood for dinner. The market was open for years before the home became run down and neglected.

We are thrilled to be able to renovate such an iconic property. Not only is Guilford Nicole’s home, but this shoreline town is filled with history and character. Founded in 1639, Guilford is the seventh oldest settlement in the State of Connecticut. Houses on Boston Street date back to the early 1700s, so while Friendly Fish is not one of the oldest homes on the street, it is one that brought many people together. It is also the one that needs the most TLC.

The possibilities are endless with this home, and ideas are already swirling in our minds. Many of you are already commenting on our Facebook posts, and we know you are just excited as we are to remodel this home together.

The first and second floors are just the base of this home, as the third floor is home to a huge unfinished attic, and the property is perfect for a true outdoor living space. Neighbors and followers are sharing what they want us to salvage and how much they love this house, and we can’t blame you. There are so many hidden treasures on this property – we can’t wait to show you what we are finding!

As always, we are relying on your help to choose design finishes for this home, with votes taking place every Monday. This week, we are asking you to vote on a name for this property – you still have one more day to post your vote on Facebook or Instagram!

You can also follow along on the journey of House Number 7 on FOX61. Do you remember The Friendly Market? Share your stories with us!

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