Outdoor Living Series: Landscaping Maintenance and Trends

Outdoor Living Series: Landscaping Maintenance and Trends

In the 2nd installment of our Outdoor Living Series, we dive into landscaping with Kelly Eddinger and Alyssa Mancuso from Torrison Stone & Garden. They gave us tips for easy maintenance of your outdoor living space and what is trending in landscaping.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Living

If you are like us, you want to spend the majority of your time this summer enjoying the outdoors and less time working on landscaping. By selecting the right materials and plants, and doing some cleanup at the start of the season, you can spend your days lounging in the sun.

Plant Maintenance

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In the spring and fall, it is important to prune your plants. Cutting back perennials helps for new regrowth and enables you to get ahead of yard cleanup. Weeding during the summer is a must for maintaining your beautiful landscape, but when done regularly is a manageable task.

“For low maintenance, do research on plants that are resistant to disease where you live,” says Alyssa.

Even though Connecticut is small, local plants vary in different parts of the state. If you plant something that dies in a year, that creates more work the following year.

“There are plants that do well on the water in Madison, that do terribly in Northern Connecticut,” explained Kelly.

The project managers at Torrison are experts in knowing which plants thrive in your area, and can assist with landscaping questions specific to your property.

Stone Maintenance

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Stone patios and walkways are very easy to maintain, with some slight cleanup at the start of warmer weather. After the elements of winter and early spring, a dark film or moss can form on patio pavers.

“An easy, inexpensive fix is to power wash the patio and fill the joints with polymeric sand,” said Kelly.

At the start of the season, bring your stone patios and walkways back to life by power washing the surface and then using polymeric sand. Polymeric sand fills the joints between pavers, eliminating the need for weeding. The best part? Polymeric sand lasts for years and can be completed in a day or less. That’s what we call low-maintenance!

Landscaping Trends

Over the past few years, the project managers at Torrison have seen an increase in creating outdoor rooms and using veneer for an added visual appeal.

Outdoor living spaces are incorporating more items from the inside – including fireplaces, built-in grills, refrigerators, comfortable seating, and even TVs. These type of outdoor spaces eliminate the need to go inside, so whether you are hosting a party or enjoying family time, you can stay outdoors.

Another trend is using veneer stone in outdoor spaces. Veneer is natural stone thin enough to be used as a covering on just about any surface. Outdoors, veneer is being used on fireplaces, walls, even outdoor bars. Veneer is also a popular design choice inside, often used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Brian Murphy, award-winning Landscaping Architect at Torrison Stone & Garden, along with project managers for smaller jobs, can completely transform your outdoor living area. We love working with the experts at Torrison Stone & Garden, and are excited this week’s vote is a landscaping item from Torrison! Vote now!

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