How to Incorporate Salvaged Items to your Home Decor

How to Incorporate Salvaged Items to your Home Decor

The Rustic Barn is proof that quality-made, custom pieces made of salvaged materials will always appeal to those decorating their homes. 

We first learned about The Rustic Barn when they donated a piece to The Hope House. Falling in love on our first visit, we knew we had to return for a custom piece for The Fish Flip

A Natural Partnership

When we go through dilapidated homes, we keep an eye out for treasures that can be incorporated into the decor. Doors, shutters, lighting fixtures, and hardware can all be repurposed and turned into unique statement pieces.

So it’s no surprise that we were blown away by The Rustic Barn, as owners Steve and Lisa Martins began their business by building custom furniture made out of salvaged wood.

Along with Steve’s craftsmanship, each piece is truly unique because of the materials used. Wood gets sourced from barns and sheds all over New England. With the rich history in this part of the country, some wood dates back to over 200 years old. 

“We get contacted by homeowners who have a barn house in disrepair; they have us come take it down,” Steve explained. 

Once cleaned and sorted, the wood goes through a milling process. Character seeps from every piece of wood, which naturally has knots and grooves. Aged wood might also show nail holes, burns, or cracks; so no two pieces are ever the same. 

Decorating with Salvaged Items

When you first walk into a run-down home (or even a crowded antique store or market), everything might look like junk at first glance. Piles of old, unused items aren’t appealing if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you want to add some salvaged items to your decor, keep an eye out for these items:

  • Solid wood doors.  Doors can be turned into just about anything. Popular right now is incorporating a sliding barn door in the interior of your home. Doors can also be used to create a table, headboard, coat rack, or shelving. 
  • Hardware. Brass, bronze, and iron hardware can create a rustic feel in any room. Look for doorknobs, latches, curtain rods, and door knockers. 
  • Lighting. Incorporating antique chandeliers, barn lights, or wall sconces can add character to your interior lighting scheme.
  • Beams. Nothing says rustic like wood beams – or really, any wood you come across that can be cleaned up and reused. Look for solid pieces that can be sanded down and refinished to showcase the character of the wood. 
  • Statement pieces. Some items will just jump to you – like the sink in the basement of The Fish Flip. If something catches your attention, but you’re not sure what to do with it, save it. Chances are, you’ll think of something down the road. (Or you can ask us for ideas!)

One of a Kind Pieces

The best part of decorating with salvaged items is knowing that you have one of a kind items that showcase your tastes. We love finding new pieces we can incorporate in homes, whether we salvage the items from the house we are remodeling or head to places like The Rustic Barn for new finds. 

The Martins never tire of the experience of building custom furniture – partly because each piece is something brand new. Bathroom vanities and dining tables are among the most popular requests, but each custom order comes with a fresh perspective. 

“One of my favorite pieces is an armoire made from reclaimed yellow pine sheathing board. The beauty of that wood – it had so much character to it. I added some hardware, and it really brought out the beauty of the wood,” Steve shared. 

Have you voted for a piece made by Steve at The Rustic Barn? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to vote today!

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