House Number 7: Votes, Videos, and a Reveal

House Number 7: Votes, Videos, and a Reveal

We are back in Connecticut with House Number 7, which means we will be back to our regular schedule this Spring and Summer. This week, we gave three clues about where our next house is located. Do you have any guesses?

Here is what you can expect as we renovate House 7:


The House that Social Media Built is more than remodeling homes. We rely on YOU to help us choose the best design finishes.

Each Monday we will post a vote on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You will have three options on a different design element for the home. Every Thursday, we will announce the winning feature and install it into the house.

We love staying up to date with new trends, and work closely with local sponsors to select three options for each vote. You get to vote, and we get to learn what is most popular for homes here in Connecticut!


This is our second home in partnership with FOX61. In addition to the votes and updates we post on social media each week, we will be meeting with Maggie Slysz and working with FOX61 throughout the renovation so you can watch the process.

We will be sure to announce when we will be live on FOX61 so you can tune in. Once the remodel is complete, you can watch a FOX61 special documenting the entire process. (You can still watch the special on The Ellsworth House here!).

Reveal Party

Because you help us design the home, we want to share it with you! Once the house is complete, you are invited to a Reveal Party to see your votes come to life. We will keep you posted on the date, but you can always expect great food, drinks, music, and incredible company! The best part is you have the chance to buy the home you help to design when it is complete.

Who are we?

We are Mike and Nicole! With Mike as the contractor and Nicole as the designer/Realtor, we love taking houses that need extra love and creating a beautiful home. Together, we have remodeled over 50 houses in the past eight years.

Read about how The House that Social Media Built started and follow along on Facebook and Instagram to help us transform House Number 7!

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  • obsessed with you guys!! I was excited to follow you guys and then find the house in Branford when we chose the Owenego inn to get married at this summer!! I love that house! Keep up the amazing work!!

    May 1, 2019 at 1:14 pm

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