Front Door Trends You Can Try!

Front Door Trends You Can Try!

Historically, front door votes have been some of our most popular votes. The number of responses we get for the color of the front door always impresses us.

We started thinking about why people enjoy having input on the front door. A significant element to curb appeal, the front door is one of the first things people see, and the entrance to the rest of the home. The style of the front door can set the tone for the design of the entire house. 

This week, we spoke with George Civitelli, Operations Manager at John Boyle Decorating Centers to learn more about the trends with front doors. 

Bright Colors

The front door is the perfect place to play with bright colors. A small portion of the exterior, a brightly colored door can add incredible curb appeal. When surrounded by white trim, the door stands out even more. 

“A lot of people like to express their creativity and style with their front door,” explained George. “Aqua and teal are trending right now.” 

Dark and Cool 

If going bright is too risky for your taste, selecting a cool hue in a dark shade is another way to incorporate color to the exterior of your home. With gold or bronze hardware, this makes for an inviting front entrance. 

High Gloss

You can also choose between a satin finish or a high gloss finish. High gloss creates a shine similar to what you see with cars. This shine can make any color you choose stand out in a new way. 

George reminded us that one great thing about door color can easily be changed. So if you don’t like a color or finish you selected, it does not take long to fix it. 

“People can change the color quite frequently. Some people change it every year,” stated George.


Traditional colors never go out of style. Red, black, and white doors can stand out against the right siding. By selecting a door with glass panels or interesting designs, you can make a statement without a bright or glossy door. 

No matter your style, take into consideration the color of your siding, trim, and hardware when selecting a front door. Select colors that play off of each other to create the ambiance you want as you welcome people into your home. 

Tips for Painting Your Front Door

“Paint today dries a little faster than it used to,” George told us. 

So when painting, be mindful that you are not brushing over partially dry paint. “This can overlap and cause streaks,” George explained.  

At John Boyle Decorating Centers, paint experts recommend starting with the panels of the door, letting it dry completely, then paint the framing. Also, paint on a dry day, out of direct sunlight, as this can cause the paint to dry too fast.

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  • My father recently bought me a house and since I want to change some parts of the house, I think I’ll replace my entry doors with something that has a modern yet classy look. With that, I am hoping to find an entry door installation service that can help me replace the default doors. I like your suggestion on going with traditional doors, since it never goes out of style, as you’ve said. I think this one would look good in my new home! Thanks for the tip.

    February 20, 2020 at 11:06 am

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