Are Mudrooms a Must Have?

Are Mudrooms a Must Have?

Benefits of Mudrooms

Open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, and master suites. These items often show up on buyers’ “must-have” list. But what about a functional space that helps to keep a home organized and clean?

Homes being sold are staged for showings, which means all clutter is removed, making the house appear perfectly functional and organized. Once a buyer moves in, unpacks belongings, and realizes they don’t have a place for everything, that is when the thought of mudroom or practical entryway becomes top of mind.

Pitman Custom Homes and Magruder Homes were sure to include a mudroom in the floor plan for The Hope House, a St. Jude Dream Home Showplace in College-Bryan Station, Texas.

Including a mudroom in a home ensures a few things for whoever lives there:


One of the biggest benefits of having a mudroom is keeping the outdoor elements out of the main living areas of your home. Whether it is mud, dirt, rain, or snow, the mudroom is a stopping point to unload so the rest of the home stays clean. This doesn’t mean your mudroom has to be drab – you can create a space that is highly functional and beautiful.


Organization and Storage

Shoes in the hallway, bags on the floor, mail on the dining room table – an unorganized home is distracting. With the correct layout and design, you can create a space for all of these things in a mudroom. Before installing a bench or cabinets based on looks alone, ask yourself exactly what you want to store in the mudroom. Do you have children? A closet with doors will hide a pile of outerwear better than open cubbies. Do you want shoes to stay in the mudroom? Create a designated area or get a shoe rack so they don’t wind up sprawled all over. Do you need a bench for tying shoes? Decide want you want to use the mudroom for, then purposefully choose furniture that will keep items organized.


Depending on the size of your mudroom, it can have multiple purposes. Many people install their washer, dryer, and sink in the mudroom for first-floor convenience. With larger mudrooms, you can also store seasonal equipment for the yard. Having an allocated space for a rake in the fall, snow shovel or snow blower in the winter, or gardening tools in the summer is a time-saver. A desk creates a quiet workspace away from the main areas of the home. If you want more of a sun-room feel, you can include chairs or a couch for a space to sit and relax.


If you don’t have the designated space for a full mudroom, you can still create a smaller area for coats and shoes by utilizing an entryway closet or turning wall space into a coat rack with a purposeful bench underneath. Even a small area utilized for organization make a big difference in your home!

Next week’s vote is taking place in the mudroom of The Hope House! What do you think we will be voting on? Check in on our Facebook or Instagram page on Monday to find out!


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