Accent Walls in Every Room

Accent Walls in Every Room

Neutral colors ranging from grays to blues, and off-whites to beiges, are popular in interior design because they are calming, show off furnishings and textures, and allow you to play around with pops of color. Sometimes, all-neutral rooms can lack a focal point, causing them to appear a little too bland. One way to change things up in a neutral home is to incorporate accent walls.

There is endless variety in accent walls. Paint, wallpaper, wood, brick, and tile backsplash can all be used to create an accent wall. This allows you to keep an all-natural look by incorporating a new texture like wood or brick, add in a darker color with paint, or an eclectic design with wallpaper. It’s not required to use the entire wall, either. You can decide how much of the wall you want to use to create the perfect focal point for that room.

Accent walls can go anywhere in the house. Below is some inspiration for accent walls in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.


In the kitchen, accent walls are usually incorporated as a backsplash under cabinetry. A tile backsplash can help to separate between countertops and cabinets. Another option is to feature your oven range with a granite slab running from the stovetop up to the ceiling. In a large kitchen, you can even make cabinets different colors to make one side of the kitchen stand out.


bathroom accent walls

A tiled tub or shower is one way to create an accent wall in the bathroom, but the accent can go anywhere. Tile can be used to create stripes or another pattern. A darker shade of paint on one wall will stand out if a lighter color is used throughout the rest of the bathroom. Because bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a home, you can take some risks here.


bedroom accent wall

A calming accent wall in the bedroom can make the room feel like a retreat. Natural wood is a beautiful element to bring into bedrooms to create a cozy, rustic feeling. Wallpaper can be used in a kid’s bedroom to bring in bright colors and design.

Living Room

living room accent walls

In homes with a wide open floor plan, an accent wall in the living room helps to create separation between living areas. If an entire wall is out of the question, you can create an accent focal point with a floor to ceiling fireplace or wood paneling behind the couch. You could even create a wall of windows, which is more impactful if you have beautiful water or property views.


We’ve been loving incorporating accent walls in some of our Beyond the House homes. Do you think we should put one into our next House that Social Media Built? We will be announcing where our next home is later this month – stay tuned!

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