5 Master Bathroom Trends in 2019

5 Master Bathroom Trends in 2019

The master bath may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. We spoke with Leisa Coyle, Bath and Tile Designer at Bender, to learn about some of the biggest trends for master bathrooms this year. No matter the size of your ensuite, you can incorporate some of these popular options into your bathroom to make you feel like you just stepped into the spa.

Freestanding Tubs

One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom feel luxurious is to install a freestanding tub. A beautiful focal point, freestanding tubs evoke the feeling of a spa in your home. “The older trends were the drop in whirlpool tub,” explains Leisa. “It took up the entire bathroom.”

Freestanding tubs, and even air tubs which feature a softer massage than a dated whirlpool, create an airy feel. This helps creates more space in the master bath while still allowing for a separate shower and tub.

Exposed Plumbing

Exposed plumbing is another trend in master bathrooms. Creating an industrial look, it consists of exposed pipe from the knob to the shower head and handheld. Not only do people love the look of exposed plumbing, but it is practical when adding in more plumbing.

“If you have an existing showing, but don’t want to add in more plumbing, you can still get a separate shower head and handheld. Exposed in general is nice because you don’t need to go behind the wall,” Leisa said.

Mix and Match Hardware

Gone are the days when everything has to match. In the bathroom, select a dominant metal, and one or two accent metals, to create an appealing visual statement in the bathroom. Matte black, satin brass, polished nickel, and polished chrome are all popular options in the bathroom in 2019.

Back to Nature

“We’re seeing more organic approaches. People are coming back to nature and bringing the outside in,” Leisa told us.

Bender is seeing a lot of people incorporate natural elements in the bathroom. Stone backsplashes, porcelain tile that mimics a wood floor, and natural hues are taking precedence.


Just like the rest of the home, technology is being incorporated into the bathroom. Speakers that run off Bluetooth give you the chance to sing in the shower. Mood lighting and aromatherapy controls make a soak in the tub even more relaxing, while defogging vanities and heated floors make your bathroom the ultimate in luxury.

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