5 Design Tips for a Social Kitchen

5 Design Tips for a Social Kitchen

It’s the most expensive room to remodel. The place to go to fuel up, connect over coffee, and prepare meals for loved ones. 

The kitchen is the social hub of the home (which may make those costly renovations worthwhile!). From after-school snacks to after-dinner cleanup, we often catch up on the day’s happenings while in the kitchen. Enjoying good food with people we love is a social event. Today’s kitchens allow for that time to be expanded: whether grabbing a drink, prepping a meal, or cleaning up, loved ones can gather round and spend time in the kitchen. 

Open Flow

Open floor plans continue to be the most sought-after setup for the main living areas. Being able to see and hear what is going on in the living and dining rooms from the kitchen makes the space feel intimate, without being crammed into one room.  An open floor plan is ideal for gatherings, so the host can interact with guests while getting food and drinks ready. But it is also essential for time spent with family. With everyone on the same floor, you can enjoy each other’s company, even when you are completing different tasks. 

Islands are for Gathering

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes, and they appear in just about every kitchen where space allows. Seating options at kitchen islands include stools, high-back chairs, or a bench attached to the back of the island. With places to sit or stand, islands create a perfect gathering spot. The island is the place where food can be cooked, homework completed, and at the end of the day, a beverage can be enjoyed. 

Clear Workflow 

Have you ever heard a host call out: “That’s it, you’re all kicked out of the kitchen!” While we love the fact that kitchens are the heart of the home, it doesn’t take long before it becomes too crowded. 

That’s why you must create a flow where the chef of the house can work without tripping over anyone. This is another reason kitchen islands are so popular; they create a clear path for the person cooking. Even if you don’t have an island, consider the kitchen triangle, the uninterrupted flow from the sink, refrigerator, and stove. 

Lights On

Bring in as much light as you can! Since the kitchen is a room with many purposes – work and socialization – ideal lighting can make it more comfortable for everyone. Fill the kitchen with different types of lighting, including natural light from windows, ambient light overhead, task lighting for cooking, and accent lighting to draw attention to a focal point. 

Hardware changes everything

One of the simplest ways to change the look of the kitchen is to change the hardware, faucets, and fixtures. If an entire kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget or interest, changing out the hardware can give make the kitchen feel modern, rustic, or anything in between! And when you love the look and style of your kitchen, you will be happy to spend more time there. 

As long as food is involved, we think the kitchen will always be the social hub of the home. How do you make your kitchen an ideal place to gather?

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