4 Electrical Upgrades to Make this Fall

4 Electrical Upgrades to Make this Fall

We love selecting design elements for homes – and we know you love to vote for your favorite designs! 

We also know that what makes a home comfortable has more to do with what is behind the walls than what we see. Electrical systems don’t just keep our homes well-lit, they also help us keep our sanity (let’s face it, sometimes we rely on TV to entertain our families!). 

Electrical systems are our source of lighting, security, and entertainment. When we renovated The Fish Flip, Electrical Connection made sure that the entire home was electrically ready for the new owners. 

Below, we go through four electrical upgrades you should look into before winter. 

Whole-House Surge Protection

Fall and winter months are filled with holiday lights, inclement weather, and more in-home entertainment. All of this can be taxing on your electrical system. A whole-house surge protector can be installed to protect all appliances in your home from voltage spikes. Whole-house surge protectors guard individual appliances such as your washer, dryer, television, computers, and kitchen appliances, as well as your HVAC equipment. 

Electrical Panel

Nobody wants to sit in the dark! And as the days get shorter, we rely on light even more in our homes. Before winter hits, take a look at your electrical panel to determine if it needs to upgrade. An electrical panel upgrade may be necessary if circuit breakers frequently trip, breakers won’t stay on after resetting, and with panels that have fuses. 

Generator Installation

Losing power in the summer in inconvenient. Losing power during a winter storm is unbearable. If you don’t already have a generator, now is a good time to schedule an installation! Both portable and whole-house generators are options. Appliances must be plugged into portable generators, while whole-house generators come on automatically when you lose power. 


As you spend more time inside during winter months, the right lighting is key. Installing dimmers gives you full control over lighting in your home, from cozy dim lighting during a family movie night to full task lighting when cooking. Upgrading lighting inside the home can also help to lower utility bills. Plus, new lighting gives you an excuse to select some new lighting fixtures!

With the end of summer, we have a short amount of time to get our homes cozy for the winter season. What home maintenance are you planning on completing before the cold settles in?

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